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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Arguments against from the Right

These are some of the other arguments against gay marriage from the right. I don’t find them as strong as the first one I outlined, but I’d like to discuss each one. I’ll discuss the counter-arguments from the left next.

R2. Will Twist Marriage – There are some gay groups that have been fairly open about wanting to join marriage so that they can alter the arrangement. Change it to more of an open style marriage. The right sees them as wanting in, just so they can corrupt marriage. I don’t think these people represent more than a tiny minority of gay couples that want to marry.

R3. Is Against the Bible – The reasoning is simple. Homosexuality is sinful. Allowing gay couples to marry stains a union that God created and blessed. The problem with this argument is that it relies solely on a religious argument. It needs some secular backbone to make it stand. For example, I’d reject any law that forbids eating pork just because it’s offensive to Jews and Muslims. (More on this in counter-arguments from the left.)

R4. Is Anti-Democratic – Supporters of gay marriage have almost completely abandoned any attempt at gaining legislative support. The preferred strategy has been to bring the issue to court and wait for a favorable ruling. Many on the right see this as a way of bypassing the will of the people. And I agree. Every time this has gone to a vote the traditionalist side has won. Usually by wide margins (70/30 or so).

R5. Will Grant Gov’t Approval to Homosexual Lifestyle – The argument here is that having the state grant a marriage license is like the people of the state approving of the relationship. People who don’t see homosexuality as an acceptable alternative don’t want to be granting approval. This is a tough argument and it creates the battlefield for those who fight over marriage instead of over civil unions. My take is that both sides are reading too much into the state’s stamp of approval. (But I’m very open to argument.)

R6. Will Lead to Polygamy – This one is gaining traction and coming to the forefront. The argument is simple, if society has no say about it’s basic institutions, what’s to stop the train at gay marriage? Is the next stop polygamy? There’s a certain force behind this argument. I think it goes to the judicial strategy that’s been followed so far. I’ve yet to hear any legal argument for gay marriage that didn’t open the door for polygamy.

I hope that plenty of people from the right will read this site. What other arguments did I miss?



Anonymous Steve said...

Peder, great blog overall and excellent approach to gay marriage. It is too bad not everyone approaches the issue like you do.

One comment, considering my religious background, I noticed your R6 on polygamy. First, I am not a supporter or promoter of polygamy. My church outlawed it a hundred years before I was born. Despite that, being Mormon, Polygamy is the 1st or 2nd thing people ask me about Mormons (which quite honestly indicates a surprising level or ignorance about a major American and developing globale religion).

I actually disagree with the arguement that allowing GM would lead to polygamy and all different kinds of sanctioned marriage formats. It is arguable that a government could rule that monogamous relationships, whether hetero or homosexual, are in the interest of the well being of society.

However, all that aside, I find it almost laughable when people tell me how evil polygamy is but when the conversation moves to GM many immediately fall back to "well, if that is what they want...each to his own..." type of argument in some vain attempt to avoid being seen as a bigit.

My personal thoughts on GM are quite firm, and not surprisingly revolve around my religios beliefs. The LDS church put out a statment in 1995 titles "A Proclamation on the Family." You might find it an interesting read and a religious viewpoint on your R1 arguement about Marriage being a foundation of Western Civiliation. The full text of the statement can be found at,4945,161-1-11-1,00.html.

1:08 PM  

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