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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Exit Left Stage

I'm not the last bit sad to see the Clintons beaten. The only plus to a Hillary nomination is that McCain would almost certainly have an easier time against her in the general election. Frankly, that's not enough of a plus to have her hanging around.
It's interesting how many of the Clintons former defenders have begun to hate them. Some of that is just passion of the campaign stuff but quite a bit is real live hatred. They've noticed how self-serving, selfish and flat out dishonest they are. Newsflash; the same was true back in the 90's.
Can't help but feel that this post is a bit premature for two reasons. One, this thing really isn't over until the convention in August (if then). I wouldn't put it past them to 'concede' in name only and still keep up a shadow campaign. Two, I also don't doubt that if she someday does become the nominee, even if it's 2012 or 2016 that many of her now loudest detractors will somehow find it in themselves to vote for her.
Still, let's hope that the lessons have been learned and that they are finally done. It's really for the good of the nation.


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