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Saturday, March 21, 2009

This has gone too far

Busloads of protesters are 'visiting' houses of AIG execs. Boy, it's a good thing that congressional grandstanding didn't fan the flames or anything. I'm not a fan of taxpayer money going towards personal bonuses either, but as soon as large sums of bailout money went to these companies it was a near certainty that some of it would be used for distasteful reasons.
If you don't want a repeat of this, there is only one solution: don't bailout troubled companies. Of if that seems too extreme, you could always try being slow and deliberate with the process to try and close off negative things like this from happening. Another possibility would be to actually read the bills before passing them. None of those things sound too radical to me.

Dear God, we've got a sorry lot in Washington. Anyone else out there now wishing that they'd supported Ron Paul?


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