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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Syria, Again

I'm even more convinced that the President deserves a resounding 'No' from Congress.  I ran across this that sums things up well.  Key quote:
On why I would now vote No:  From what I can tell, approximately 100% of the pro-strike arguments have been devoted to proving what no one contests. Namely, that hideous events are underway in Syria, that someone (and most likely Assad) has criminally and horrifically gassed civilians, and that something should be done to reduce the ongoing carnage and punish the war crimes. And approximately 0% of the argument has addressed the main anti-strike concern: whether U.S. military action, minus broad support, any formal international approval, or any clear definition of goal, strategy, or success, is an effective response.
That's written by someone who is normally fully on board with Obama's agendas, by the way.  The last bit of the last sentence is particularly damning, 'or any clear definition of goal, strategy, or success'.  How could you approve of any military plan that could be described that way? 


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