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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Presidential powers - The Hillary Angle

With all of the anger and hysteria being thrown Bush's way, it's worthwhile to turn the memory machine back a few years.

Hillary, yesterday:

"And what we saw today was further evidence that this administration has no regard whatsoever for what needs to be held sacred. And when I'm president we're going to get back to cherishing the Constitution, upholding the rule of law and putting forth the best values of America for the entire world to see again."

Yes. Because the Clinton Presidency was just one long celebration of the rule of law, with no perjury, no suborning perjury, no pardons for sketchy millionaires, no Chinese money finding its way into DNC coffers, no disappearing and reappearing law firm records, no Chinese businessmen comparing the White House to a subway that you have to pay to enter, no fundraisers at Buddhist temples... no, none of that.

That's right. The Clinton administration respected the "rule of law" by ensuring a high wall stood between the FBI and CIA on combatting terrorism, and determined that authorizing the Northern Alliance to hit Osama bin Laden's caravan would be unlawful because women and children were present. Yes, we all know how beneficial that dedication to the rule of law was...


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