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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


From the Strib's Jan 2nd letters:

coyote coexistence

We're on their land

Nowhere in Dec. 27 story "Coyotes love the suburbs but the feeling isn't mutual" did the term "urban sprawl" appear.

We have infringed on the habitat of wildlife, not the other way around.

I was amused by the comment by DNR Deputy Director Ed Boggess suggesting that coyotes have moved to the refuge of the suburbs to avoid being shot in rural areas.

If we hadn't invaded their territory and driven them away, the suburbs would still be a rural area -- and natural habitat to the animals.


Kathy, if you'd like to start us off by moving to someplace that wasn't the territory of large predators in the past, go ahead and do so. I'm hard pressed to figure out where that would have been but you seem so certain in your stance that maybe you have someplace in mind.


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