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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hurricane season

September 10th is the traditional high point of the hurricane season. As of today we've had six named storms and only two hurricanes. Ernesto was only a hurricane for about half a day. Florence is only category one. The 2006 season was forecast to be above average in terms of number and severity of storms. So far it's been well below (knock on wood).
I mention this for one reason. After last year's bad season there began to be speculation that global warming was creating more extreme weather. Fears have been raised that rising temperatures will create more Katrinas. Al Gore made the direct connection with his movie this spring.
Does a milder season this year mean that the earth is cooling? Of course not. Random variations in weather create different circumstances. The overall number from this season won't mean anything. That only makes sense. Of course, it made the same sense last year!
It'd be nice if an important subject like climate change could be discussed calmly and openly. Instead we get overreaction to any data that supports theories of warming. Anyone that disputes it is painted as a flat earther or an industry shill. Very frustrating.


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Wow. You must be a scientist.

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