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Sunday, July 16, 2006


Over at Althouse, I found an interesting discussion. Are liberals more creative/artistic than conservatives? It's certainly true that movies and music tend to be more liberal. The people who make them tend to be more liberal. Why?
I'll share my comment from the thread:
I think you find this same thing happening even on a local level. If you were to go to a community Ed art class, you'd be much more likely to find majority liberal crowd. The same thing is true of community theater. Don't really know why this is, but the easy answers like practicality, ability or rebellion don't really ring true to me. My theory is that liberals find being in touch with emotional things more important than conservatives do. They tend to see art as an emotional demonstration.
BTW, this may fit with Ann's remark. Great, longlasting art probably has more to do with eternal themes. Conservatives are more comfortable there.


Blogger Reading Doc said...

hi Peder,
There are other kinds of creativity that artistic. There are creative businesses and creative science things. There are creative mathmatical solutions. All of these are truly creative and need to be considered. There are probably creative political types who are concervative. Just some thoughts.

8:04 PM  
Blogger -Peder said...

I'd agree on all counts. But 'artistic' creativity seems to be highly associated with liberals. Any thoughs on why that is?

5:06 AM  

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