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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Message in Full

There's a new comercial out from a Democratic group that can be found here. (In an effort to avoid unwanted emails, I provided a fake one.) There's been some criticism of the use of draped soldier's coffins but I don't really share it. I've got a very wide tolerance for letting people provide whatever political message they want to. Lots of people believe that our efforts in Iraq aren't worth risking the lives of soldiers. I disagree.
What amazes me is how empty the message is. The movie is a series of images of bad things (gas prices, hurricanes, dead soldiers) and then shots of Republicans (including a faked picture of Tom Delay). It concludes by showing prominent Democrats being nice to people and then a quote from Bill Clinton, "There's nothing wrong with America that can't be fixed by what's right with America".
The message is simple. There are bad things in the world. Republicans are bad people and at fault for the bad things. Democrats are good people and will fix everything. That message on it's own isn't unique to the Dems. But it does nothing to fix their big problem. The elephant in the room is this, they aren't offering any solutions to those problems. Once again they are hoping that nothing will beat something. They are betting that the rest of the country shares the anger of the commited left.
A few months ago the safe bet was a Dem landslide in November. If I was to bet today, I'd say small pick ups from the GOP.


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