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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Keith Ellison, again

I wrote the other day about Keith Ellison and the late filing problems. Today there is a letter in the STrib from his wife:
My husband, Keith Ellison, didn't want me to write this letter, but I feel a strong sense of responsibility for the recent criticism he has endured regarding the lateness of his campaign reports filing.

I was his campaign treasurer while he was running for the state House. I found the rules somewhat complicated and struggled to get the reports in on time. Keith was patient with me, but asked me to continue to do my best. I hoped that as time went on I would get better at filling out the reports on time. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

Then I learned that I was living with a chronic illness, multiple sclerosis. This helped me understand why I was having a tough time with getting things done. I didn't want to let Keith down by resigning, and I guess he didn't want to fire me either.

I'm writing because I know that Keith wasn't blowing off the campaign report deadlines. He was trying to bear with me, and I am sorry.


I'm not going to attack a woman with MS, but this explanation doesn't seem very complete to me. Would it keep someone from ignoring six or seven attempts at collection? Let me frankly admit my ignorance on the subject and give her the benefit of the doubt.

UPDATE: And then I ran into this on Powerline. It includes a more detailed explanation of how MS effected Mrs Ellison. Frankly, it sounds like a terrible situation.


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