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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Expansion of powers/Who gets the blame?

(Via Volokh) is this article from the WaPo. It regards a propsed ability of the administration to take over the National Guard in case of 'natural disaster of homeland emergency'. The measure is largely in response to the hammering that followed Katrina. Bush has been savegly attacked for the refusal to save New Orleans. The most common theme is that he just didn't care about the lives of black people. Almost unreported was the set of laws designed to keep the President from having control of the National Guard without direct permission from each state's governors. Permission that either wasn't granted in Katrina, or granted well after the fact.
I've got the feeling that this current attempt to fix that possible flaw will be reported, as it is here, as a desired expansion of power. Like many issues over security since 9/11 the Dems (with help from the media) have enjoyed setting up this kind of false choice. If something bad happens, it's because Bush didn't care/was incompetent/was on vacation. If any move is made to stop something from happening it's because Bush is power hungry/doesn't care about the Constitution/is just plain evil.
The opposition is never asked what the correct course of action is. Almost five years after 9/11 we still don't know what the Dem plan to shut down int'l terrorism is. Very sad.


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