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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pork and good news

I've mentioned before the online efforts to curb pork spending from congress. Well, I just stumbled (h/t Instapundit) upon this list of MN congressional votes regarding pork. A number (19) of different amendments were recently offered to curb pork. This list is the number of yes votes given to support those amendments.

Gutknecht, R 17
Kline, R 12
Ramstad, R 18
McCollum, D 0
Sabo, D 0
Kennedy, R 17
Peterson, D 0
Oberstar, D 0

You might notice a pattern there. The congressional group is split evenly between Reps and Dems. The average score is Reps 16 - Dems 0. The next time someone suggests that Reps and Dems are the same when it comes to pork, just point them here.


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