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Thursday, August 10, 2006

What he said

(W)e are, alas, only at the beginning of the Global War Against Islamofascism. More than ever we need a wartime leader capable of uniting as much of the country behind him as possible. For whatever his pluses and minuses, Bush has been weak in that regard. Giuliani seems to have more abilities in that direction, although that is not to say it will be remotely easy for him. But as of this moment, there is no one else but Rudy with the vitae and the charisma to do it.
That's my impression, too. And the gravitas thing, too. One striking thing about Giuliani is that he seems to approach arguments like an adult. One incredibly off-putting element of the left over the last five years is the desire to tackle difficult questions with logic traps and childish name-calling. I can only hope that they abandon that soon.


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