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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Typical Andrew Sullivan

So I just ran across this on Sullivan's blog,
As Jon Stewart said of John McCain, Giuliani has turned his straight talk express into a bus to bulls**t-town. The Stranger notices the U-turn.

I'm a big fan of Giuliani so I clicked on over to see what the Stranger was talking about. After favoring the assault weapon ban back in '04 he is now endorsing a candidate who opposes it. That's the sell out. From the Stranger:
Speaking to a group of reporters at the Sheraton Hotel downtown, where he was hosting a $1,000—$2,100-a-plate fundraiser for McGavick on Monday, October 9, Giuliani said this: "I don't think [the assault-weapons ban] is one of the most critical issues right now."

That's it. Even though they disagree on an issue, Giuliani thinks that McGavick is still a good choice. Apparently this never happens in Sullivan's world. Which is odd since he's currently supporting Democrats because the Republican party isn't conservative enough. The case that the Stranger wants to make is pretty weak anyway. Earlier in the piece he quotes Giuliani, "Someone who now voted to roll back the assault-weapons ban would really be demonstrating that special-interest politics mean more to them than life-or-death issues,". This is obviously an attempt to paint Rudi as a sell out. But nothing quoted in this article suggests that he's changed his mind on assault weapons, only that he thinks the overall picture outweighs that one piece. It's shoddy reasoning and it's embarrassing that Sullivan would link this approvingly.


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