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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Upset of the Year

Star-Tribune endorses Norm Coleman. I think the 'Al Franken is a jerk' factor is going to be pretty big in their election. He pretty much embodies Spitting Cobra style of politics. Lots of heat, almost no light.
This one will be interesting to watch on November 4th.


Blogger James Colby said...

Interesting indeed. I like his books, I used to listen to his radio show from time to time. And I really liked him on SNL(weekend update, not daily affirmations), speaking of which; has his old friend Dennis Miller endorsed him or his opponent, I haven't heard?

It's interesting because I realize he is intelligent, and has a firm grasp on the issues(whether or not you agree with him), but governing is a big question mark. He will need lawyers to write and read legislation for him, as many Senators do,(Senator McCain is one) but it's still a negative quality for a legislator imho. He has no governing experience, good or bad, well it's a question mark leaning towards bad. And he is a little more partisan than I like my Senators. Of course, the article you mention points out that Coleman was pretty darn partisan as well when he was elected, so who is to say Franken couldn't make the same shift to the middle in the interest of the good people of Minnesota?

I was a big fan of Wellstone so over the years I may have taken some of Coleman's ads and rhetoric a bit personally, but the result is that I don't like him and if I were a Minnesota voter, I would vote for Franken. That being said, it would have been a much more difficult decision in the primary. Whatever happens, I hope it works out well for Minnesota and the restof us.

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