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Friday, February 26, 2010

Proudly in the Dark

I keep hearing (from liberals) that liberals are naturally more open to new ideas and the platonic ideal of debate. They tell me this is because they've been exposed to more competition of arguments in college. And that their naturally more open minds are able to calmly handle opposing thoughts better than those Neanderthals on the other side.
And yet, from those same liberals I keep hearing that conservatives (or at least Republicans) have no ideas when it comes to healthcare. Or that they think the status quo is perfect. Or worst of all, that they simply don't care about other people. To that last point, please keep in mind that a majority of the country must be in the thrall of insurance executives(!).
The most recent meetings between Obama and Republicans should put the lie to all of it. Frankly, anyone who would bother to read some websites outside of the ideological home base would know this already. I wish that famous liberal curiosity for new ideas would allow them to step out and see the rest of the world...


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