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Friday, April 16, 2010

Tax Thoughts

I suppose this is a day late, but no one ever blamed this blog for seeming timely...

  • I keep hearing some variation of 'taxes are the price for civilization' this year. That must be the push-back meme in response to the small gov't message of the Tea Parties. The problem with this message is that only goes skin deep. Almost no one is suggesting that all taxes be eliminated. The debate is over how much tax (and by extension what size should gov't be).
  • Another meme running around is that taxes as of this exact date aren't all that bad. This claim from Obama that protesters should be happy since he cut taxes, is a good example. The problem here is that the big worry is about future taxes. Spending is out of control, nothing is being done to address upcoming entitlements and we've just added a Health Care program that looks to be wildly expensive down the road. Why shouldn't people worry about this?


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